Monday, January 18, 2010

Junie B- Guess the Character Contest

Guess which Junie B character said each of the following lines. Do not share your answers with anyone Just email them to me at swimmerjory at gmail.

The prize is you get to pick any Junie B book you want and we will send it to you.
  1. "Mr. Scary, Junie Jones is peeking at her brand new lunchbox again."
  2. "Oh, yeah. Well, T-A-T-L-T-A-I-L spells tattletale."
  3. Really? You're kidding me. My ears aren't real? Are you sure? Because they really, really feel real, don't you think?
  4. You're not allowed to touch them. They are just for show. Those animals costed my nanna a fortune!"
  5. My new name is Pinky Gladys Gutzman. And so from now on everyone has to call me that or else I will not even answer.
You have to enter by next Monday, January 25th.

Good luck.


  1. My daughter is on her way downstairs to enter. Too much fun!!

    Sarah Frances

  2. i think junie b jones said all of them.

    my verification word was "cackbutt"????

  3. Great contest, Chelsea. I guess my daughter and I better do our homework and get back to you. Fun! :-)

  4. this is a great contest and those are really funny questions.
    i wish i knew the characters in junie b's books better than i do now.
    maybe my granddaughter can give me the answers. oops....maybe
    not. that would be cheating, because YOU ARE my granddaughter!!

  5. Fun! I need to study over the weekend. I know what #5 is because I just read that book.


    PS- My mom can't remember my password so we're using her account to post this comment.