Monday, December 21, 2009

How I Like to Play in the Snow

I had a snow ball fight with my neighbor and her friend. We had lots of fun together, and the snow was very deep. And it was hard for us to run around.

Daddy signed up for the plowers to come, and Joshy and I love it because they plow the snow up to the curb and it looks like a snow fort. We gather pieces of ice and we pretend they are diamonds and crystals. And we bury them in our fort.

Me and my brother like to eat the snow off the ground.

I hope you like to play in the snow too.


  1. I used to love making snow forts with your Uncle Cliffy when we were little!

  2. I have a big problem! I loooooooove to play in the snow -- but, I haaaaaaate the cold weather and feeling cold. So I've been looking for a place -- like Florida -- that's nice and warm ... and has snow, too. So far I haven't found a place like that. I wonder why???

  3. Jory, I'm so glad you blogged today. I've been thinking about you. I hear you are having a great Hannukah(did I spell that right?)

    Snow is so much fun! Me and my kids love to play in the snow too, but now we are living in the South and there isn't any snow :( We are kind of bummed out about that. But it was good to see a picture of you and your brother's happy faces!! :)

  4. i'm so glad you and joshy love playing in the snow.i used to ride my sled as soon as there was snow on the ground, when i was a
    kid. now my favorite winter activity is
    watching my grandkids go skiing! from
    INSIDE the ski lodge of course ;-]

  5. How fun! Enjoy the snow and have a Merry Christmas!

  6. I love playing in the snow and love the cold. The only problem is I live in Florida with all the heat and no snow. Want to trade Pa?

    The first time I played in snow I had a snow ball fight with your daddy and your Aunt Debbie. We had the snowball fight in your grandma and grandpa's back yard! Have you ever played in the snow at their house?