Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love Skiing with My Daddy

First of all, I want to tell you Kaia's favorite Junie B book because she won. Her favorite book is "Boo... and I Mean It."

Now I am going to tell you about me and my Daddy going skiing. I went on the ski lift with Daddy. It was a little scary getting on and off. But then I got used to it.

My little brother, Joshy, and my two cousins, Jessica and Max, went tubing. So that's how I got time alone with my Daddy.

The first time I got off the ski lift, I slipped a little bit. But Daddy helped me up. It was too easy to ski on the hill that the chair lift took us to, but we stayed on that hill so I could get the hang of going up and down the chair lift. Next time we go skiing, we are going to go on the big hill that daddy goes on.

Did you do something in the snow this weekend?


  1. yes, i did something in the snow this weekend and i had the BEST TIME EVER
    doing it. i watched you and joshy skiing !!!
    i didn't get to see you on the chair lift because i had to leave, but i did get to see joshy crash into some kids because he doesn't know how to come to a stop yet ;-/

  2. Yes, I did something in the snow this weekend. I watched grandma watching you and josh skiing. You were really excellent. Ask your daddy to record some of the olympic skiers and ski jumpers. You won't believe your eyes!

  3. I didn't do anything in the snow this weekend because I live in Florida. It was very very cold, but no snow :(